Split with Ghostwriter

by Abyss A.D.

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released May 7, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by André @ fortefortissimo recordings, Coburg in February/March 2013
Artwork by Razoreater (francesco@razoreater.com)




Abyss A.D. München, Germany

ABYSS A.D. from Munich were formed in mid 2011 and play a brand of heavy metallic hardcore.

They were born of a simple wish: to release the emotions that gnaw at their souls and boil inside. With a fundamental believe that "positive things can come from negative emotions" ABYSS A.D. tries to stay afloat with the weight of a world out of control on the shoulders.
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Track Name: Reap And Sow
We got caught in the eye of the storm
while a cold breeze erodes the fragile fields we've left
Feel the weight of the world
and the sky melt down to our knees
Not even the heaviest flood could wash away our dirt

We sold our souls
to survive
We gave our souls
for a war we can not win

The world we one knew turned into black and white
So viciously
We lie bound and gagged, there's no escape this time
Watch the world melt down to our knees

We sold our souls
to survive
We gave our souls
for a war we can not win

The coldest chill took reign of our minds.
I see no change, no salvation,
when we still chain ourselves
Track Name: Dark Seducer
Countless hours of lying awake
Trying so hard to fall asleep
Harrowing nightmares keep on haunting me
And gnaw at my soul

Two sides swinging me forth and back
Leaving questions in my mind
As time slips through my fingers
I always tell myself to calm down and wait

For time to heal wounds
But some scars last forever
And the fucking noose around my neck
Tightens with every breath I take

Dark seducer
Runs his claws down my throat
Dark seducer
Tracks me, wherever I roam

And when I dare to look into the mirror
I stare into the deep black eyes
Of the beast I have created
Every glance I take rots me out inside

Dark seducer
Torments my soul
Dark seducer
Swallowed me whole